After months of lockdown, we’re delighted that travel is starting to open up! You can start checking off your travel bucket list again.

It’s almost too exciting, isn’t it? Now is your moment to get inspired and start planning all those trips you’ve been dreaming about for the last year. So we’ve put together all the tips you need to give you the confidence to make the most of your next escape.

Grab a refreshing beverage and read through our handy guide to easing your return to travel. In our Tips for Travel in 2021 guide, we cover:

  • How to travel abroad
  • How to make the most of domestic travel
  • What to look for when you’re booking accommodation
  • How to stay safe when you travel

We have the inside track on all the best—and safest—places to visit and stay. And we have the answers to your travel questions. For peace of mind, talk to us.